Home Is Where The Heart Is

Over the past couple of years we have viewed the way we see our home and the way we live in it in a different way.
For instance, a shed is no longer a shed, it’s a garden bar. A dining room table once seen as a place to eat has changed to something much more.

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A Way To Beat The Lockdown Blues

During lockdown our homes became a safe space that we worked in, relaxed in and even entertained in (virtually of course).

With everyone at home communal eating and drinking made a return. With nowhere to go families created their own ‘Friday nights out’ even if it was to the garden bar or dining table for some food and a few drinks.

The communal aspect of a dining room table has always been a staple of a house, and now more so than ever.

A Place To Get Together

home is where the heart is-high table

From Christmas to Birthdays to even a simple catch up, having the perfect table is an essential for any family and any home.

At Marsh Mill, our bespoke tables fit with any decor inside or out.
Made from reclaimed wood and steel metal legs give off a rustic yet modern aesthetic which is perfect for any house style, old or new.
As we are going back to normality, catching up with loved ones that were missed will be happening more and more. A table from Marsh Mill offers a space that is perfect for socialising that others don’t.

Transform Your Space

home is where the heart is-high table

As mentioned before, people have found new and creative ways to renovate aspects of their house to make it more social, primarily making home bars.

Our large range of tables and chairs are the perfect fit for your home bar needs.
The style of the tables help give that finishing touch to your bar, making what once was a fun activity to something to really be proud of for when family and friends come over as well as you to enjoy yourself.

Bring the social side to your home bar with Marsh Mill.

A Table To Fit Any Space

home is where the heart is-high table

Our tables range in height and width, to perfectly suit your needs.
From a modern apartment to a period property our high tables are perfect for social gatherings. This makes them ideal for home bars and social rooms.

Browse Our Range Of High Tables

home is where the heart is-high table

You can browse through our whole range online to see which one of our high tables is the perfect fit for your space.

Click here for a look through our many tables to see what fits your needs!

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