Making the most out of your space

For many people, finding space for your belongings is tough.

Having containers that sit in the corner of your room that stick out like a sore thumb because they don’t match your interior design is annoying.

Perhaps we can help?

Elevate Your Room

making the most of your space

Our bespoke shelves can eliminate the lack of storage space while accommodating your interior theme.

The shelves are similar to our tables. Made from reclaimed timber and steel fittings bringing a sense of authentic style.

They look great when displayed from a ground level or high upon your wall. And the strong metal brackets ensure that your belongings are safe and secure while also fitting in with your decor.

A conversation starter

As well as the practical elements, it's a perfect way to display objects that you want everyone to see.

It could be an award or a set of framed family photos, our shelves elevate these and put them at centre stage.

Showcase it, don’t hide it in the corner.

Filling that blank space

Perhaps you have a wall where you want to fill or a space that is a little too empty for your linking, we have it covered.

Filling the vacant space with a few shelves creates a focal point without taking up floor space.without it feeling cluttered. 

Creating a new zone

Making the most out of your space

Some homeowners want to create little pockets of space with their room such as a reading corner or a record listening space.

Here at Marsh Mill, we have various styles of shelving options that can display your books or records in a practical and decorative way.

 Our console tables are perfect for that ‘awkward space’ and come in different lengths to perfectly fit your home. They are also available with different coloured legs for a real wow factor. 

Creating new elements and spaces within your home can turn a space into a room, and a room into a home.

 Make sure we at Marsh Mill Interior can help you achieve your dream home.

Click here if you want to view our bespoke shelves and our various other products and you can contact us here.


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