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Can you imagine a material that is durable, sustainable and looks better with age? I love working with reclaimed wood as every scratch, ding or knock just creates more character and adds to its life story. I am passionate about the furniture I make and most of my products are made from reclaimed wood, but why is it so special?

Reclaimed wood is the name given to wood that is salvaged, recycled or repurposed, so it could come from a range of places such as a scaffolding project, dismantled barn or factory. Reclaimed wood has a rich, textured rustic finish which lends itself beautifully to the industrial furniture trend. This type of material is wonderfully sustainable because it is using wood that is already felled and harvested, so I don’t need to ask anyone to cut down any new trees to make one of my tables. A lot of the wood used in my furniture would just end up in landfill if it wasn’t salvaged. Also, even though it is a natural product, wood doesn’t decompose very quickly in landfill. I was really surprised when I learned this so I feel that the more wood that artisan furniture makers like myself can salvage and use, the better.

Most of the wood that I use in my products is sourced within the UK, so this also helps the environment as it keeps the carbon footprint lower than if I sourced it overseas. Additionally, by buying my wood from UK sellers, it also allows me to support other small businesses. I’m also keen to buy local wherever possible so my customers get a truly artisan product.

Once the wood arrives in my workshop, I begin to carry out my unique Marsh Mill Interiors ten-step treatment process. This treatment process ensures that the beauty of the reclaimed wood is preserved for years to come. It’s not a quick process and is very labour intensive but it is absolutely essential to creating the final product. It is this process that creates the beautiful, rich and rustic finish that you see on my products.

By using reclaimed wood and giving it a new lease of life, I am creating a product that is truly beautiful, full of character and with its own unique story to tell. My furniture pieces become focal and conversation points within my clients’ homes. I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have about reclaimed wood, my products or my business so feel free to contact me as I am happy to help.

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