Why handmade furniture is the best in the market

Your home is your sanctuary. Everything in it, from the wallpaper to the candles are all chosen to fit your personal style.

When it comes to your furniture, choosing one made from bespoke, handmade, reclaimed wood can be the thing that takes your room and your home to a whole other level.

Today, we will be talking about the benefits of handmade furniture and why it’s important to consider when buying furniture for your home.

Why handmade furniture is the way forward

Your home is the vessel of your memories. It’s important to enhance these memories with furniture that is bespoke and unique to you only.

For instance, having a handmade table can be such an important inclusion to a home. It’s where you gather with your loved ones over a lovely meal or delicious drink and talk about your day.

Or if you run a bar/pub, our tables and other furniture can slip right in with its rustic yet modern look regardless if you're a traditional pub or hip new city bar.

Our bespoke tables are the perfect piece to elevate any room. You can find our collection here.

You won’t want furniture to fade in and not stand out. Our furniture will be the statement piece you are looking for.

Worth the money

Handmade kitchen table

While handmade furniture does cost more on the whole, the benefits that come from it are well worth it.

Having unique and bespoke furniture is a way to personalise your home/space while keeping it minimal and concise.

The strength and durability of these tables make it ideal when looking for furniture that won’t need replacing often. Make sure your table not only fits within your interior aesthetic but is unique and lasts for years and years so when you and family grow, your furniture grows with you.

Of course you may think ‘it’s only a table’ but if you want your furniture to say something about you then handmade is for you.

Where to get handmade furniture

Here at Marsh Mill Interiors, we have you covered.

Our furniture is made from reclaimed materials such as wood and metal. The versatility of our products have seen it featured in bars, cafés, living rooms and Vogue!

You can find our collection of products here and you can contact us at info@marshmillinteriors.co.uk or you can ring us on 0333 050 4958. 

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