The Wood We Use

We get quite a lot of people asking us about the wood we use. Our table tops are made from reclaimed, aged timber which goes through our ten step treatment process to highlight the natural grain and patina. Finished with fine sanding, a matt varnish and clear wax for a silky smooth sheen.

Our tables may look rough but we take time, care and pride to give them our smooth signature finish. Each plank is different and some planks come out darker and some lighter. If you have preference then just mention at the time of ordering and we can choose the right planks for you.

Wood is a natural material and is always sensitive to its surroundings. Once the wood settles in to its environment there may be some movement. This could be some shrinkage, gapping or curving, which is why we don't glue the planks together. This all adds to the tables beauty, uniqueness and the fact it's still a living piece of nature.

The wood is usually pine, unless you have a special bespoke request for a different type of wood. And because of the wood we use and the process it goes through, it only gets better looking with age. Any knocks, dinks, scrapes etc just add to the character even more.

It’s imperfectly perfect. ❤️