Over the years I have worked with many different types of clients creating rustic industrial furniture.

From small intimate cafe bars to large restaurant spaces, here are their stories. 

Restaurant Client #1

This client was undergoing a complete refurbishment and came to me quite late on in the project. During an initial site visit I met the client, they showed me the restaurant and we discussed the best options to fit the space. In the end the client chose a mix of tables at different heights and some of my benches. This client approached me as they wanted to purchase sustainably made furniture that would perform well through high volume usage. The great thing about the furniture I make is that every piece undergoes a 10-step treatment process to protect the wood. If it gets scratched or dinged, it adds character and only makes it look better with age.

If you have a Formica or similar table top then the opposite is true, every scratch is obvious and can affect the look of the item. Therefore my furniture was perfect for this client’s needs in a high traffic seating area as I provided them with tough, durable furniture that was also perfect for the industrial style space.

By working closely with the client I was also able to offer advice on layouts as well, helping them to choose the best type of furniture for the space, based on their requirements.

I’m always happy to help clients with this, based on my years of expertise in the industry.

Restaurant Client #2

This client came to me wanting to utilise their existing table bases in the project. I was happy to fulfil their requirements as I believe in sustainability and reusing things that are still within their useable lifespan wherever possible. After all, why send something that is perfectly functional to landfill?

They had a large number of pedestal table bases and I created new table tops from reclaimed wood that fit onto these for the client.

The result was a brand-new look for the space, with less outlay, so perfect for my client who wanted the rustic industrial look on a tighter budget.