The term reclaimed wood refers to timber which has been salvaged in order to be recycled or repurposed. It could come from a range of places such as a scaffolding project, dismantled barn or factory.

It is a wonderfully sustainable material and every scratch, ding or knock just creates more character.

By using reclaimed wood you are saving it from landfill, which helps save the planet and also prevents the need to cut down new trees.

Using reclaimed wood also means that you are turning a waste product into something beautiful and giving it a new life.

The reclaimed wood that we use comes from a variety of sources, all from within the UK.

The wood is salvaged ready to be recycled or repurposed and could have come from a range of places such as a scaffolding project, dismantled barn or factory.

The 10-step treatment process is a secret, but what we can tell you is that it is an intensive process that ensures that the furniture we create is more durable and beautiful.

It adds character and longevity to the wood and makes sure that you will be able to enjoy your furniture for years to come.

All of our furniture is handmade and can be made to suit your requirements.

We understand that not every customer has the same requirements so we are happy to make any of our designs as a bespoke item.

Alternatively, we can create something especially for you that is specifically tailored to your space.

Absolutely, we offer a full range of finishes including powder coating.

So, whether you’re wanting grey, pink or even neon green, just get in touch to order!

All our products are made to order from our workshop in Preston, Lancashire where we don't currently have a showroom for clients.

However, workshop visits are welcomed by appointment.

We use couriers to make sure that your furniture arrives with you safely.

These couriers include TNT, FedEx, DHL and a number of independent couriers

We offer free UK delivery on all of our standard furniture deliveries and we take time and effort to pack our items to make sure they reach you in good condition.

DElivery of items under £50 is just £3.

You can also look forward to our special care parcel with your furniture.

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