Styling your bespoke dining table

We have spoken before about the importance of having a reclaimed, bespoke dining table. 

But another note to consider is styling it, to make it fit your home whatever interior style you have.

Today, we will talk about the subtle ways you can style your dining table effectively so that it is unique to you!


What makes our dining tables so great is how adaptable they are. If you have a rustic and almost farmhouse style, these tables would fit perfectly on their own but if you have a more modernist interior design, fear not, you can still adapt it.

Utilising colour with your dining table can help keep within your aesthetic. Items such as table cloths, candles and flowers that match a similar tone to your dining room's colour helps amplify your table without hiding it.

Creating your visual vocal point

We've mentioned using items such as candles and flowers on your dining table, but how do they alone create a style?

Vases have so many interesting and quirky designs, colours and patterns. Placing this in the middle of your dining table greets those using the table with an interesting visual aid.

As well as this, you can create a group of three. combining the vase with a nice scented candle and a bowl of fruit adds variety and if they vary in height, it creates levels to the table which again, is visually stimulating.

These items can be neatly assorted on a tray to wrap it up in one, or just left on its own.

If you prefer continuity to your aesthetic, there are many sets out thee that incorporate that group of three while not being different in design, style and material.


Another feature you could add to style your dining table is by utilising another one of our bespoke products.

Our industrial shelves suit any room and could be just what you need to style your dining table.

It may feel like it’s overkill but our shelves (as well as the rest of our products) add to your home, they don’t take it away.

Having shelves installed gives character to your room without being distracting or cluttered.

Going off the previous point, adding colourful elements to these shelves that tie in with your dining table creates a statement look without being distracting or jarring.

Home Accessories

If you are looking for objects to create your distinct style then nowhere else is better than Marsh Mill Interiors.

Our collection of home signs and other accessories are a fit for any room.

These can be utilised alongside your Marsh Mill shelves or on its own.

These little details combined create for a feeling of a lived in room that has eye catching interior style and quality furniture.

Get your dream table

Here at Marsh Mill interiors, your dream furniture is one click away.

Our handmade wooden tables are a fit for your home and your work fitting any kind of style.

Have a look at our collection for more of our products.

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