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Last July, the public were able to attend pubs and bars again. For many pub and bar owners this was welcome news as it coincided with a summer full of reunion, sport and glimpses to normality.

Since the world has gone back to some stability we once knew before, many current or new bar/pub owners are looking to add a splash of something new.

This is where we at Marsh Mill can help!

Finding your look

Whether you’ve been in the business for years or are new to it, it's good to constantly add or replace features within your space.

Adding features such as new tables or chairs can create the atmosphere you're looking for.

For instance, if your bar is going for a community, group feel then filling it with big and long tables are great for that.

pub and bar furniture

High Tables are good for this too as it physically amplifies the heightened mood you want your place to represent.

Or using long tables matched with benches is the perfect way to connect your party of people when having a drink or meal.

Whereas, if you’re looking to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, going for lower and closer tables allow for a more relaxed feeling.

Little details

A little detail that can add a sense of character and helps create identity are bar signs and accessories.

Our signs and accessories fit any style of pub or bar.

The rustic design gives off a vintage yet classic touch to things such as doors, walls and decor around the place.

Our shelves create a sense of consistency with its look aligned with the tables we create.

It gives off a homely feel that fits with any atmosphere you want your place to exude. Bringing the comfort of home to your business and in doing so, making the customer feel at home.

These little details can bring life to a bar regardless of how long it’s been open. Giving a sense of character is essential for any business and the best thing about accessories such as signs is that it’s a small detail that does so much.

How we work

pub and bar furniture

Our stylish and sustainable products are just what you need to take your pub or br to the next level.

These bespoke tables are a fit for anyone and bring a new vintage element to your space that will leave customers coming back again and again.

You can bulk buy from 2 to 200 if you’re doing a total redo of your bar or pub.

All it takes is a simple touch to take your pub or bar to the next level and create that atmosphere you desire whether you’ve been running it for decades or just getting started.

Celebrate a new beginning in the right way!

Take a look for yourself

You can browse through our whole range online to see which one of our products is the perfect fit for your space.

Click here for a look at our many tables to see what fits your needs.

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